Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Mani I'm Sporting Right Now...

Hi ladies! Here's a manicure I did yesterday that I absolutely adored. I've been really branching out into nail art...mostly because I've been home for summer break doing nothing productive. Anywho I've done a striped blue gradient and galaxy nails. Maybe I'll do a duel post on both of them. :)
On to the mani at hand! 

Here it is! Zig zag lines! :D

Here's what I used:
OPI Natural Nail Base Coat
Zoya Dree (as base color; except for accent nail)
Color Club Wild at Heart (used to stamp; except for accent nail))
Out the Door Top Coat
I used a Bundle Monster stamping plate BM201 for the design. 

Picture taken under fluorescent lighting. 
As you may be able to see my ringer finger is the opposite design.
Here's a picture with flash to show how clean the lines are. ^_^

Right Index finger. My favorite one! 

I love this design and color combination. So purdy. And Wild at Heart is such an awesome polish for stamping...now that I think about it all of the old Color Club holos are perfect for stamping. I'm honestly looking to buy a backup bottle because I love WaH so much. Anyways let me stop praising. Until next time!

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