Friday, April 8, 2011

8 Things Post :)

I know this isn't a nail post but I'm just way to lazy to upload/convert pictures. I may do it one of these days when I get some motivation. I have yet to show you guys my growing Zoya collection! Well on with this tag. I got it from :)

8 TV shows I watch

House, MD.
What Not to Wear
Teen Mom/16 & Pregnant
Aqua Teen Hunger Force
Adventure Time with Finn & Jake (lol)

8 favourite places to eat

Chipotle (nom nom nom)
Thai Food from this local place
My boyfriend's house (lol his mom can cook!)
Mamma Roma's (local place)
Most chinese restaurants
Taco Bell

8 things I look forward to

Seeing my boyfriend Shawn. :)
School in the fall! (transferring to Towson ^_^)
Fridays (short term)
Graduation :D
Having my own place
Kids and a hubby lol
Late may. (classes end. lol)

8 things that happened yesterday

I slept in.
I went to one class.
I continued read Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen
I went to a Poetry Open Mic
I washed my hair. lol (running out of things)

8 things I love about winter

When people put up christmas lights
Snuggling under covers with a loved one :)
Scarves and gloves
Pretty night sky
New Years!
Umm christmas music?
Can't think of an eighth, I'm not a fan of winter haha.

8 things on my wishlist

A jobbb
A car!
A scholarship lol
Money for miscellaneous items
A shopping spree for cute clothes
Skydiving lessons
Longer hair
A new nintendo DS! lol

8 things I'm passionate about

Some friendships
Good music
Reading (finally back into it)
Writing :)
Sciency things lol

8 words or phrases I use a lot

I know right!
Oh my gawshh
*smh (followed by -___-)
You will not buhleeeve...
Oh guess what!?
This my ish!
Yessssssss (in response to something true. lol)
Really? -__-

8 things I've learnt from the past

I cannot stay mad at anyone for too long
Pain is temporary but the memory may last forever
You can't change people, they can only change themselves
People are gonna do what they want...regardless
Communication is key to any relationship
You can plan plenty, but nothing can prepare you for life
Being broke is hard. =/
Shit happens. lol

Places I would love to visit

Australia/New Zealand
Deep Canada (been to Niagara Falls)
South America (dk what part yet)

Things I want or need

A summer job
A back bone
A car that will work
More money from the state for school
Better vision
Longer nails (not growing fast enough!)
My own apartment/house
My bestfriend :)