Saturday, July 21, 2012

Random Mani from this Week. And my first indie! :)

Hi ladies! Here's a mani I wore a few days ago. I actually liked it alot and my boyfriend even thought it looked pretty good. ^_^ And he normally doesn't care at all. lol

Here's a full hand shot. Indoors. 

Here's what I used (and I included base and top coat this time!):
1 coat L'oreal One Stop Base Coat
2 coats Julep Anne on all but ring finger
1 coat Sonnetarium Snowfall over Julep Anne
3 coats China Glaze I'm Not Lion as accent nail
Topped it all with 2 thin coats of Out the Door top coat

Outdoor pictures. So Purty! 

Inside picture. 

Inside and closer up. Look how nice Snowfall is! It's sold at Sonnetarium etsy shop. The wonderful lady who makes this polish is awesome. So nice and she's has some beautiful creations. :)
Anywho that was my mani. I wore it for about 2 days. Love love loveee. 
But until next time...see ya! 

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

My First Jelly Sammich! :D

Hi anybody still reading! It's been a while but I finally found a new way to upload pictures so I'm back! :)
So anywho on to the mani! Enjoy.

Here's what the mani looked like. I absolutely loved it. And I don't see many people but the 3 girls I did see when I was wearing this adored it! So I was excited. :)

Here are the polishes I used:
Julep Robin
Milani Gems FX
Essie Set in Stones
and Essie Marshmallow (perfect jelly samich top!)

I did one thick coat of Robin, topped with Gems FX (for my ring finger I added a topping of Set in Stones) and topped it all with Marshmallow. Simplistic perfection! 

Here's a shot of my thumb! :)

And one more shot of my fingers.

I love love loved this mani. I'll be playing around more with jelly sammiches in the futures. Different glitters and such.