Tuesday, July 17, 2012

My First Jelly Sammich! :D

Hi anybody still reading! It's been a while but I finally found a new way to upload pictures so I'm back! :)
So anywho on to the mani! Enjoy.

Here's what the mani looked like. I absolutely loved it. And I don't see many people but the 3 girls I did see when I was wearing this adored it! So I was excited. :)

Here are the polishes I used:
Julep Robin
Milani Gems FX
Essie Set in Stones
and Essie Marshmallow (perfect jelly samich top!)

I did one thick coat of Robin, topped with Gems FX (for my ring finger I added a topping of Set in Stones) and topped it all with Marshmallow. Simplistic perfection! 

Here's a shot of my thumb! :)

And one more shot of my fingers.

I love love loved this mani. I'll be playing around more with jelly sammiches in the futures. Different glitters and such.

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