Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My Nail Polish Collection! :))

welp. there it is. i'm somewhat of a "hoarder" of nail polishes. lol

Here are the Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure ones.
L-R OPI Top Coat, Calypso Blue, Haute Chocolate, Thinking of Blue, Grass Slipper, Back to Fuschia, Pink I Can, Midnight in NY, and Guilty Pleasure.

Here are some OPI ones.
L-R Out the Door Top Coat, Cajun Shrimp, Here Today Argon Tomorrow, Thrill of Brazil, Pamplona Purple, You're Such a Kabuki Queen, Kennebunk-Port, I'm Indi-a Mood for Love, and Monsooner or Later.

L-R Midnight Affair, Tropical Temptation, Plum Night, Emerald City, Plum Seduction, Silver Screen, Electric Pink, Star, and Italian Love Affair.

L-R Minted, Hot for Chocolate, Quick Dry Top Coat, Multi Care Base + Top Coat, Let Me Go, Preppy Purple, Dream On, For Audrey, and Turq Me Away.

L-R Domestic Goddess, Metro Chic, Loreal Base Coat, Gorgeous, Hottie, Snow Me White, Golden Enchantment, and Rise and Shine.

L-R Jumpin' Jade, Urgent Orchid, Night Flight, Mint Sprint, Brisk Blue, Posh Pink, Crystal Clear, Base Coat + Top Coat, Gold Silk, Pink Bliss, and Purple Rain.

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Colors:
L-R Disco Ball, Green With Envy, Cherry Red, Shooting Star, Emerald City, Purple Potion, Mellow Yellow, Fuchsia Power, Bubblegum Pink, and Pacific Blue.

Fiesta, Gray Matter, 3 Unnamed Polishes from Hot Topic, Fishnet Stockings, Watermelon, Rose Bowl, Mod Squad, Dream Poppy, and Blazed.

Bunch of randoms that can't fit in my box. lol

More randoms. lol

My favorites right now. :))

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