Friday, October 14, 2011

30 Day Nail Challenge - Day 4

It's Challenge Day 4! And green is my favorite nail polish color! I have sooooooooo many.
I had a hard time choosing. I wanted to do Zoya Dree...and then China Glaze's Zombie Zest.
So I figured...why not do both?!
So here's Zoya Dree and China Glaze Zombie Zest.
Zoya Dree is a murky yellow toned green that I love oh so much. Lighter version of Shawn.
And Zombie Zest is a glittery halloween polish. Pretty sheer, but looks wonderful to layer. ^_^
Here I am with Zombie Zest over Dree as an accent nail.
It would've looked fine like that but I love glitter so I went full on! :D
Here's my rarely seen thumb!
And a hand pose I rarely do!
If you notice book in the background I actually have a test tomorrow so this is a rushed post. lol
It's not this light but here's a picture. :)
That's all ladies! I may do a post right after this as I found some polish I was lemming for today. Can't wait to show you guys! :D

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