Friday, November 19, 2010

30 Day Challenge. :) - Day 7

Challenge Day 7!
Someone you lovvveee.
Well I couldn't pick just usualllll. lol

Well here is my aunt (left) and mom (right)
YEP! Identical twins. :)
And this handsome young man is my nephew Stewart Jr.
or RayRay for short (don't ask me. lol)
And these are the newest addition to the grandchildren.
I USED to be the youngest then they came along. lol
Left is Zeshawn and Right is Jasmin.
They are soooo adorable. :)
This handsome thang is my boyfriend Shawn.
He is the bees-knees and I lovvve him. :)
And lasttttt but not least is my bestest friend Lance...
or Lazer. :))
Eventho he live 1700 miles away I still love him.

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