Saturday, November 20, 2010

30 Day Challenge. :) - Day 8 (very picture heavy)

Hello ladies!
Today's post is supposed to be favorite band/musician.
But once againnnnn I couldn't pic just one. lol

This band below is Emarosa. Great friggin band. Me and my boyfriend saw them last year and I fell in love. As a matter of fact we just went and saw them this past wednesday. YAY! :)
And this beautiful man is Jonny Craig...Emarosa's lead singer. BEAUTIFUL voice. I mean just gorgeous. Check him out on youtube...seriously. He has a solo album that is to die for.
And thissss is one of my favorite song's of theirs:

This is Circa Survive. Me and my boyfriend saw them last month and I'm thinking of getting tickets to see them in January! They are amazing. Like truly...if you're into this kind of music...
And this wonderful man is Anthony Green, Circa Survive's lead singer. He has a phenomenal voice and is soooo great with the crowd. (hence the going to see them again. lol)
This is one of my favorite songs by them:

The last band is Chiodos. Also a great band. My boyfriend kind of turned me on to them.
Thissss is Craig Owens. He's no longer with them as of earlier this year but all the music I have has him in it sooooo. Here he is. lol
And this is one of my favorite songs by them:

This depressive manic looking man is Kid Cudi if you didn't know. He's a rapper who just dropped a cd. (great cd btw) He's awesomeeee. Always makes good music that makes you feel on cloud 9. :)
This is one of his new songs:

Well if you couldn't tell I'm reeeeeeally into music. It's one of my few hobbies aside from nail polish. Sorry about the lack of nail post. It takes foreverrrrr for nail pictures to download on here as opposed to all these pictures taking about a minute.

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