Friday, September 30, 2011

Collection Post: OPI, the Neutrals.

This is my last installment and yes I'm quite behind. lol
I'll start up the Zoyas after this! :D
But here we go! :)
L-R we have: Ti-Tan Your Toga (which I found out is a classic!), Barefoot in Barcelona, You Don't Know Jaques, and My Private Jet.
Ti-tan Your Toga: A sheer-ish white shimmer. Very pretty when you need a break from wild and wacky colors like I sometimes do.
Barefoot in Barcelona: the first nude I actually found to work with my skin tone! I now base all my choices off of this color. lol
You Don't Know Jaques: My favorite greige! It's very pleasing. :)
My Private Jet: sadly I have the green label. But it's still pretty!
Fluorescent lights
They all apply pretty magnificently. :)

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