Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Random Summer Nail Designs.

Here are just a few nail designs I did this summer that I didn't show because I was being lameee. lol

This is Rimmel's Wild Orchid with Color Club's Wild at Heart for the stripes.
I used the Konad m57 plate or the only Konad plate I have. :(
Funny story behind this mani actually. I only had half boxes of each design left so I decided to do an alternating mani. It was really cute. These are the Sally Hansen stickers in Girl Flower and Wild Child (?)
This was way deep into my obsession with Rimmel's Wild Orchid.
The other color I used was Rimmel's English Rose. Both apply soooo smooth. They have a stiff brush that I love to death. The mani was freehand so it's way messy. OH! And I used China Glaze's Fairy Dust for the holo glitter on the tips.
This is OPI's Gargantuan Green Grape with Wet n' Wild's Black as the stripes.
It felt just like summer with this on my nails.
This is using the Konad m57 plate as well.
This is Hard Candy's Beetle with Wet 'n Wild's Black as the spots.
I promise it looked way better than this. I wish I'd have gotten a better shot. (>_<)
This is using the Konad m57 plate.
This was my first ever diagonal mani! And I was so excited to show that it looked good that I didn't even clean up my nails to take the picture. lol
But it's Zoya's Savita as the purple and Color Club's Revvvolution for the holo polish on the tips. I used a black striper to paint on the black lines (and cover mistakes) And voila!
THIS is Zoya's Ali which this picture does no justice.
Ali is the most beautiful neon pink a girl could ever own!
I smudged the design being to eager to be done. (>_<)
But this is using my bundle monster plate BM223
I got bundle monster plates for my birthday so be on the lookout for more nail art! Until next time fellow nail fiends. Go forth and be polished! :)

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