Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Zoya Ki (aka my rainy day go to)

Let me just say I've never talked about how magnificently Zoya nail polish applies. Perfection and this one is no exception. It applies so smoothly.
I usually apply a coat of black to insure opacity. But that's only to preserve my bottle. :)
If you've never seen this color it is a wonderful smokey duochrome. Flashing purple, green and every color in between. WARNING: Picture Heavy. :)

This photo shows it's duochrome-ness well eventhough it's blurry.

This is the most purple picture I caught of it.
This is the most green I could catch it. Beautiful right?!
I love the green side oh so much. :)
Here's the smokey side I was mentioning earlier.
And here are some smokey purple undertones.
Overall I love this polish for fall. All this week it's supposed to be rainy here in Baltimore so I'll be wearing all my fall colors that really shine on days like these.
Until next time my fellow nail bloggers! :)

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