Sunday, September 25, 2011

Collection Post: OPI, the purplies and blues!

Here are my darker OPIs.
Purples and a random DS! :D
Well here are pictures. :)
L-R: Pamplona Purple, OPI Ink, Russian Navy, Linkin Park After Dark, and DS Extravagance.
Fluorescent lighting.
Flash! :)
Pamplona Purple is similar to some off the purple Zoyas I see floating around. I've had it for a while now. :)
OPI Ink was definitely a great find. So glittery!
Russian Navy reminds me of OPI Ink but a little less purple with more of a shimmer. I wish I would've gotten it in suede too though!
Linkin Park After Dark is a great vampy shade but I wish I would've gotten Linkin Park After Midnight instead. :(
DS Extravagance is a holo! I love holos. Nuff said. :))
Well goodbye my pretties. Until next time my fellow polish fiends. :D

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