Friday, September 30, 2011

Collection Post: OPI, the Neutrals.

This is my last installment and yes I'm quite behind. lol
I'll start up the Zoyas after this! :D
But here we go! :)
L-R we have: Ti-Tan Your Toga (which I found out is a classic!), Barefoot in Barcelona, You Don't Know Jaques, and My Private Jet.
Ti-tan Your Toga: A sheer-ish white shimmer. Very pretty when you need a break from wild and wacky colors like I sometimes do.
Barefoot in Barcelona: the first nude I actually found to work with my skin tone! I now base all my choices off of this color. lol
You Don't Know Jaques: My favorite greige! It's very pleasing. :)
My Private Jet: sadly I have the green label. But it's still pretty!
Fluorescent lights
They all apply pretty magnificently. :)

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Quick Post! Rave!

I'm super lzy right now but I just want to come on here and rave about the polish I've been wearing for about three days now. And if you guys must know anything about me it's that I'm a one day polish type of gal. The polish I'm wearing is Color Club's Fashion Addict. I should probably post pictures and I probably will another time...
But I just want to say how wonderful it looks on my newly chewed off nubbins. It looks fabulous! It's a light purple that leans sort of pink. But here's the kicker, it's a holo! A wonderful holo. :D It applies wonderfully. Please go google the swatches. :)
Well that's all for today my polished ladies!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Collection Post: OPI, the purplies and blues!

Here are my darker OPIs.
Purples and a random DS! :D
Well here are pictures. :)
L-R: Pamplona Purple, OPI Ink, Russian Navy, Linkin Park After Dark, and DS Extravagance.
Fluorescent lighting.
Flash! :)
Pamplona Purple is similar to some off the purple Zoyas I see floating around. I've had it for a while now. :)
OPI Ink was definitely a great find. So glittery!
Russian Navy reminds me of OPI Ink but a little less purple with more of a shimmer. I wish I would've gotten it in suede too though!
Linkin Park After Dark is a great vampy shade but I wish I would've gotten Linkin Park After Midnight instead. :(
DS Extravagance is a holo! I love holos. Nuff said. :))
Well goodbye my pretties. Until next time my fellow polish fiends. :D

OPI: The Greens!

I came to the conclusion that the pinks and reds were far too overwhelming.
So I'll be breaking the posts into smaller posts.
I'll probably do the same thing with the Zoya posts...which I'll be doing soon! :)
Anywaysss on with the post!
Below I have L-R: Gargantuan Green Grape, Jade is the New Black and Here Today...Aragon Tomorrow.
With Flash.
Here are the swatches.
GGG is about 3-4 coats as it is thin.
JitNB is 2 coats perfection.
HTAT is 2 coats for opacity.
With Flash.
I love OPI's brush and these are no exception.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I Found a Flakie! :D

I've never found one so this was a great find.
I saw Daily Nail tweet about finding a flakie at Forever 21 and I knew I HAD to get it.
So I did! And I got the last one at my store! How lucky?! :D
Well here's the bottle. The color is Light Green.
I layered it over these colors.
L-R: Sally Hansen The Real Teal, Zoya Shawn, Orly Charged Up, Sally Hansen Emerald City, and Zoya Ibiza.
Look at that flakie goodness! :D
This is the mani I chose. :)
It really shined under the light in my chemistry class. :)
And my never seen thumb!
So this is my first flakie and I absolutely LOVE it. Applied like most glitters do. I also did another mani the next day with Zoya Kelly and a matte topcoat that turned out wonderful enough for me to wear second day. :)

Collection Post: OPI, the reds and pinks.

Well here's the start of my OPI collection!
Let's get started.
Below I have from L-R: Pink Flamenco, I'm Indi-a Mood for Love, Italian Love Affair, Elephantastic Pink, You're Such a Kabuki Queen, and My Chihuahua Bites.
This is under fluorescent lighting.
Fluorescent lighting

These are from L-R: Cajun Shrimp, Monsooner or Later, Dutch Tulips, and Kennebunk-Port.
Under fluorescent lighting.
Fluorescent lighting
All of these colors are very opaque and wonderful colors. I actually like the OPI wide brush for it's semi stiffness and controllability.
OH! And if you're wondering why some bottles are covered in polish, my mom dropped my polishes when we moved last year and we suffered 2 OPI causalities. :( I never got around to meticulously cleaning every bottle...maybe one day. :)

I'm Starting My Collection Post Today!

So as you've read in the title...I'm going to be showing you all my collection!
I'll be going brand by brand and doing swatches of each.
Time consuming but fun! :D

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Review: Revlon Crazy Shine

So you guys don't know this but my all time favorite nail file is the glass file by Revlon. So one day I go to get a new one and there's a mini Revlon Crazy Shine inside.
I tried it and it was awesome. So I picked up the full size one!
I use this about once a week to every two weeks due to thin nails.
You use the buffer side first and then the shine side.
It makes your nails crazy shiny. And the best part? You can use it on your mani.
You heard me! If you use the shine side on your done nails it restores shine. :D
Below are just some pics of it. I'll show what my nails look like after in a later post. ;)

Going Home for the Weekend so No Post. :(

But alas there is hope! When I come back I want to do a nail polish collection (possibly?)
I'm also thinking of doing the colors I think I'll wear most this fall and a nail routine (base coat, remover, top coat, etc) I'll probably do a few reviews on some things I've been using (It's a 10 products and some drugstore makeup) But other than that I'm really excited to get back into the blogging world. I missed being up to date on what's new. :)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Random Summer Nail Designs.

Here are just a few nail designs I did this summer that I didn't show because I was being lameee. lol

This is Rimmel's Wild Orchid with Color Club's Wild at Heart for the stripes.
I used the Konad m57 plate or the only Konad plate I have. :(
Funny story behind this mani actually. I only had half boxes of each design left so I decided to do an alternating mani. It was really cute. These are the Sally Hansen stickers in Girl Flower and Wild Child (?)
This was way deep into my obsession with Rimmel's Wild Orchid.
The other color I used was Rimmel's English Rose. Both apply soooo smooth. They have a stiff brush that I love to death. The mani was freehand so it's way messy. OH! And I used China Glaze's Fairy Dust for the holo glitter on the tips.
This is OPI's Gargantuan Green Grape with Wet n' Wild's Black as the stripes.
It felt just like summer with this on my nails.
This is using the Konad m57 plate as well.
This is Hard Candy's Beetle with Wet 'n Wild's Black as the spots.
I promise it looked way better than this. I wish I'd have gotten a better shot. (>_<)
This is using the Konad m57 plate.
This was my first ever diagonal mani! And I was so excited to show that it looked good that I didn't even clean up my nails to take the picture. lol
But it's Zoya's Savita as the purple and Color Club's Revvvolution for the holo polish on the tips. I used a black striper to paint on the black lines (and cover mistakes) And voila!
THIS is Zoya's Ali which this picture does no justice.
Ali is the most beautiful neon pink a girl could ever own!
I smudged the design being to eager to be done. (>_<)
But this is using my bundle monster plate BM223
I got bundle monster plates for my birthday so be on the lookout for more nail art! Until next time fellow nail fiends. Go forth and be polished! :)

Zoya Posh!

I've never said this but how cute are their little bottles! :D
This is Posh from the 2009 MatteVelvet Fall collection. She is soon to be discontinued. :(
But check out these gorgeous pictures before she's gone! :)
This is just one coat! She's a one coat wonder!
Might be my new go to for fast and out the door.
Here's two coats. Still matte and fabulous.
I was literally swooning over this color mid-application.
And are you ready for this? Top coat! Simply spectacular!
So glossy, red and wonderful.
I use Out the Door top coat by the way. It's one of my faves.
I just can't get over how pretty this is. I can barely keep my composure while typing this. lol
Closer up. I'd do macro shots but I've been taking all this pictures on my iphone. :(
But do you see that shimmer almost pulling pink? It's awesome!
Verdict? I'd say if you're looking for a polish that is great for fall and looking good matte and glossy look no further. I love all the Zoya mattevelvets I have. They apply like no matte I've ever used before. Savita and Veruschka are both wonderful. I may do post on them soon. ;)
Until next time! Stay polished and pretty. :)

Zoya Ki (aka my rainy day go to)

Let me just say I've never talked about how magnificently Zoya nail polish applies. Perfection and this one is no exception. It applies so smoothly.
I usually apply a coat of black to insure opacity. But that's only to preserve my bottle. :)
If you've never seen this color it is a wonderful smokey duochrome. Flashing purple, green and every color in between. WARNING: Picture Heavy. :)

This photo shows it's duochrome-ness well eventhough it's blurry.

This is the most purple picture I caught of it.
This is the most green I could catch it. Beautiful right?!
I love the green side oh so much. :)
Here's the smokey side I was mentioning earlier.
And here are some smokey purple undertones.
Overall I love this polish for fall. All this week it's supposed to be rainy here in Baltimore so I'll be wearing all my fall colors that really shine on days like these.
Until next time my fellow nail bloggers! :)

Monday, September 5, 2011

Zoya Post! Yara tips and Neeka toes.

This is Yara from Zoya's Smoke and Mirrors collection. And it's gorgeousss. I've already put her on twice since I got her a week ago. And that is RARE. lol
But Yara is one of those green colors I gravitate to because I love olives and drab greens.
And do you see those micro gold flakies??? :D

Neeka is definitely a great color to compliment Yara. They have the same types of undertones and flakies. And Neeka is a very pretty umm grape soda purple? I'm not good at describing colors. But she is soooo pretty. :)